Let’s explore KFC A La Carte Menu in Malaysia, where you can pick individual items to create your perfect meal. There’s something for everyone, from tasty Portuguese Egg Tart pieces to delicious Zinger Porridge.

We are here to uncover the prices and calories of these items, ensuring you can enjoy a customized and budget-friendly KFC meal that’s not only yummy but also mindful of your health. Join us on this flavorful journey through KFC A La Carte menu.

KFC A La Carte Menu Prices

Explore the A La Carte KFC Menu in Malaysia by looking at the table below. Pick your favorite chicken pieces and sides to make a meal you like. Check the prices to find what fits your budget, and see how many calories are there if you want to know how healthy it is. Look at the Menu, find the yummy choices, and enjoy creating your special KFC meal.

DishesPrice in MYR
6-pc Portuguese Egg Tart19.99
3-pc Portuguese Egg Tart10.99
2-pc Portuguese Egg Tart7.99
Zinger Riser11.49
Colonel Classic10.49
Zinger Porridge9.49
Egg Riser7.99
Cheezy Egg Twister14.49

KFC A La Carte Calories

Let’s discuss the calories in KFC’s A La Carte menu items. Calories tell us how much energy is in our food. If you look at the table below, you’ll see the calories for each item, like chicken or side dishes. Take a look at the calories below, and enjoy your A La Carte meal at KFC.

Egg Riser


NutrientsAmount% RNI
Energy (kcal)733
Carbohydrates (g)00
Protein (g)814
Fat (g)58
Salt (g)00

Zinger Riser


NutrientsAmount% RNI
Energy (kcal)60428
Carbohydrates (g)4816
Protein (g)2951
Fat (g)3254
Salt (g)1.6628

Zinger Porridge


Nutrients Amount% RNI
Energy (kcal)33416
Carbohydrates (g)4515
Protein (g)1323
Fat (g)1220
Salt (g)2.2838

Freqyently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Price of KFC Menu Malaysia is similar to KFC Menu Singapore!