KFC Set Menu Malaysia

KFC Set Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Welcome to the KFC set menu Malaysia. In Malaysia, KFC is famous for its tasty food that’s easy to get. The Set Menus are special because they give you a full meal in one go. Whether you’re alone or with friends, there’s something for everyone.

People really like the Zinger Meal because it’s spicy and crispy. If you prefer something classic, there’s the Colonel Rice Combo with chicken, rice, and gravy. Both meals taste great and make you feel happy after eating.

KFC Set Menu Malaysia

What’s cool about KFC’s set menus is they’re a good deal. You get a lot of food for a fair price, so it’s good for your wallet. And everything, like the chicken and fries, is made fresh and yummy. So, if you want a tasty meal without any hassle, try KFC’s set menus. They’re delicious, easy, and won’t cost you too much.

Kids Meal Set B
Kids Meal Set C
Kids Meal Set D

KFC Set Menu Calories

Menu ItemCalories
Original Recipe Chicken (1 piece)320
Hot & Spicy Chicken (1 piece)340
Zinger Burger 1 burger480
Regular Fries (Medium)290

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